Joe Biden Just DESTROYED The Entire Trump Administration With MAJOR Statement

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden slammed Trump for saying on Monday that Democrats who didn’t stand to cheer for him during his State of the Union address one week prior were acting “treasonous.” While the White House has said that Democrats can’t take a joke, Biden says Trump is the “joke.”

Biden told host Chris Cuomo, “I just marvel at some of the things he says  and does like, what, two days ago, anybody [who] didn’t stand up and clap for him was un-American and maybe even treasonous.”

Referring to the White House’s defense, Cuomo said, “They say it was tongue-in-cheek; Democrats can’t take a joke,” to which, Biden responded, “Well, let me tell you, he’s a joke.”

Biden continued, “This is the first President to make a full-throated, unvarnished attack on the entirety of the FBI. This is to discredit the entire FBI, and discredit his own Justice Department. What do you think they’re thinking in Moscow? This is doing everything Putin ever wanted.”

There has been speculation that Biden may be considering a 2020 presidential campaign as he has been openly critical of Trump throughout his presidency.

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